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Our Ensembles

While we are a string quartet at heart, we offer smaller ensembles to match the unique needs of your event. 


String Soloist

A solo violinist or cellist is a lovely addition to any  small and intimate ceremony, elopement or dinner party. 


  • Guests: Less than 30 guests

  • Venue size: Intimate

  • Texture: Melody only

  • Voices: One


String Duo

A string duo typically consists of a violin and cello - a singing melody in the violin supported by a deep cello bass line. 

  • Guests: 30-50

  • Venue size: Small - Medium

  • Texture: Melody and bass line

  • Voices: Two


String Trio

A string trio typically consists of violin, viola, and cello.

With one inner voice, this ensemble choice is the ideal for clients who desire a melody, bass line and inner voice to create a full sound. 

  • Guests: 50-75

  • Venue size: Medium - Large

  • Texture: Melody, Bass line, inner voice

  • Voices: Three


String Quartet

A string quartet is composed of two violins, one viola, and one cello. This is the ideal ensemble choice due to the full range of voices from low to high and provides the strongest projection, especially for outdoor events. 

  • Guests: 100+ 

  • Venue size: Medium - Large

  • Texture: Melody, Bass line, innervoices

  • Voices: Four


Still unsure of your perfect
ensemble choice?

We're here to help!

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